Jukka Purma

Software for linguistics, research and for public benefit

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I make visualisations and natural language syntax parsers with Python & Javascript. I am partially available for freelance software / fullstack development.

Kataja - visualising biolinguistics

Kataja screenshot

Kataja is an environment for visualising inner workings of linguistic models in generative tradition. I use it as a testing ground for minimal parsers, but it is a capable tool for drawing syntactic trees for publications and teaching.

d3-ellipse-force plugin

A plugin for d3.js visualisation library to modify popular force-directed network algorithm to handle elliptic force output, for better layout when nodes have uneven width-height ratio.

Ellipse force screenshot


Pixel ants screenshot

A toy visualisation for ant colony algorithm with numpy and Kivy: Ants foraging with minimal individual cognition but with ground as their shared read/write workspace. I kind of see it as a metaphor for neural connections.

For hire

I am an experienced full stack developer/architect available for software development consultancy as Tmi Ihmekoodi -- preferably scientific or research tools and for good cause. I enjoy both quick and lean prototypes and working for long term scalable projects. I am located in Helsinki.

For business, contact jukka.purma+ihmekoodi @ gmail... dot... com...

I have been software developer, project researcher and doctoral student in Aalto University school of Arts, Design and Architecture, in Learning Environments Research Group. For the last few years I have been external consultant / fullstack developer for University of Helsinki.

My main personal project is Kataja, visualisation environment for syntactic models in minimalist/biolinguistic flavor.

You may be looking for my brother Lasse and Purmaconsulting OY.